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Esiteks väärib vaatamist muidugi ehitusstiil, mis on detailideni läbi mõeldud, ning teiseks kindlusesse viiv tee, mille puhul on samuti kõik viimseni kalkuleeritud. Every time thinking of it makes to bow in gratitude. Cité on ideaalne valik: hästi väike et ka eakas inimene ja laps liikumisest ära ei väsiks ning väga kirju ja põneva ajalooga koht linnasüdames. Mööda poolsaart ringi sõites tekib üsna kiiresti tunne, et need kõik on võimalik puhkusenädala jooksul üle vaadata.

Worry by two reasons 1. Because everything said in it is a hard truth and a minimal truth, the real situation is really much worse. I am 44 years old and serving 6. True reasons behind rebillions in those countries are not politycalbut purely economical- because of climate change and vast attack of deserts in those religions people suffer from hunger and thirst. Hot regions on Earth are changing into deserts with high speed Sahara expension for example People from those regions are pressing north into europe in case of Mexico, which is uninhabitable too, into USA So called progress we bold polvili dieet is really a regress, because we are changing the woeld inhabitable.

Even if we change our attitude today, the inertion of world's capitalistic production machine will go on for a period long enough to still kill most of earth's population. Tugevamad salvid liigesevalu raviks the attitude change the planet Earth is uninhabitable in years or less.

Measures that have to be taken to avoid the bitter end of us all are so drastic and serious, that the readiness of people and governments to take them is 0. To make any real changefor example the fashion industry and most of the enterntainment industry have to be shut down today this is just small example In energy section the change from possible fuels into renewables have to appear today.

That will help a lot. Billions of taxpayer money are used for that fight yearly. Every country has its own drug fighting division or several. Has that fight had really any success? The answer is NO. AAfter so many years of fight and billions spent it is more than obviousthat the methods and policy most of the countries are using to fight the war against drugs are not working.

In fact the numer of drug addictscrimes related to drugs and deaths related to drugs is rising all over the world. War against drugs is lost in a way it has been fought so far, that much is obviously clear. The big question is- what to do? The answer is shocking, but the only one which has any sense- legalize it all!

Critics will say, that I've lost my mind and I don't know what i'm talking about : Believe me, that is not the case, I know perfectly what I'm talking about. All drugs have to be not only legalizedbut produced by the state aswell. Right now heroin addicts buy their dose on the streets, never knowing how pure or strong the drug actually is. That can cost addicts life. If it's state produced that problem no longer exists-quality of the drug is always bold polvili dieet same.

Right now the druglord in Afganistan or Columbian mountains puts the simple villagers to work for him using treats and pennies and makes fortunes by selling heroin or cocaine produced. If drugs are legal and state produced then makeing enormous profits by selling drugs in a very short period of time illegally by one individual or small group of individuals cartel, organized crime group becomes impossible.

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Process of legalization have to happen in all the world simultaniously to have strongest possible impact on bold polvili dieet problem. So, how will the world look like a year after the total legalization? Everyone who wants to buy drugs can do so in a special drugstore showing bold polvili dieet document and being at least 18 years old.

Every sell will be registered in a website bold polvili dieet is publicly accessable, that way users are automatically registered and everyone who needs, can check if the person he wants to employ, interrogate as a suspect or whatever more, is using drugs or no. To avoid all doubts drugtests will be sold in every pharmacy like the pregnancy tests now, so having any doubts about your girl - or boyfriend or whoever person of interesteverybody can always ask politely to do the test before continuing the relationship.

Addicts who have a problem, can always find help without the fear of being punished for breaking the law. Every country will have a significant free human resource in their police forcewhich can be used elsewhere. The state quaranteed quality will bring down the number of overdose deaths. Huge chunk of every countries budget, which before was meant to be used fighting drugs, can be used elsewhere healthcare for example Every new drug that appears on the market, will be automatically taken into state production.

Legalization takes the 'forbidden fruit' effect off drugs, which will drop the numbers of users dramatically, especially among the youth. Organized crime will suffer a mortal blow, because no matter how powerful one or another organization is, it cannot compete with state in price and productiveness. Legalization will stop several long burned wars is Asia Afganistan, because Taliban is mostly drugmoney financed Africa Boco Haram and al-Quaida are also partly financed with drug money fighting their wars in all over Africa and South and Central America every armed illegal organization in those regions is mainly financed with drug related money All state related isntitutions will have a weekly drugtest on workers to avoid ruling the country while 'high' : So a year from total legalization the world will be a much cleaner and calmer place with less wars and crime and more healthy and happy people.

Having a second thought before buying another item You really don't need. Few days ago I threw away my old slippers and already started to fill the form of application for buying the new ones from prison shop and only in the last moment rememberedthat I have one more pair in the prison store. So if I didn't remember I would have done a totally unnecessary buy and purchased something I really don't need.

Started to go through my things here lately and discovered that I have multiple things that I don't need- shampoos, deodorants and gels for example I have skin desease psoriasis and I can only use soap I even don't remember buying themprobably did as we all often do- bought them for "just in case" I might need them. Gave them away to people who can use them and got a little bit room in my closet what is really welcome : But that's prison, where our number of things is limited, where administration controls weekly, that we don't have extra or prohibited things in cells.

In freedom I had about 30 pairs of shoes if not more, most of them for "just in case" The list was endless, starting from little things and ending with big. I bought loads of stuff because I liked it, never really thinking about how much I really need it or how much I'm going to use it.

Biggest national interest have of course the U. S, anybody who messes internal interests of the U. S in any country of the world is terrorist : then the others follow-there are Chinese interests in Europe and Iranian interests in Syria, Saudi interests in Yemen and Russian interests in Venezuela.

There are for example Estonian interests in Mali if anybody doen't know then its a country in North Africa, Estonia again is a country in a North Europe with a 1. There are people in every country who by some reason think, that their interests on a nationalityrace and country bases are bigger and more importantthan interests of all others. Somehow in 21st century a lot of us human beings still think that belonging one or other nation gives them more rights than the others have.

Few days ago French president Macron said on a bold polvili dieet to U. S that our goal is to 'never permit Iran to have a nuclear weapons'! Remind me if I'm wrong, but France is a 'nuclear' state, isn't it?! So mr. Macron says 'that it's OK for them to play with nuclear power, but it's not ok for Iran.

And why is that? Iran alias Persia was a great country where culture and science prospered a long haige jala ja liigeste lihased before France. In fact Persia was a great country already when the ancestors of French ate root of the tree and lived in caves. And these are historical facts, not hatred speech. I'm not Iranian nor Islamicin fact I'm a white guy who likes the taste of frogs and French culture: So what gives mr.

Macron the right to declare that France can have nukes and Iran no? It's time to grow up and change mentality. There is an interest MUCH more important, than any national interest and that is an interest of survival of all Mankind and anesteesia parast polveliigese artroskoopiat Earth.

To concder the number of population on Earth 7. Bold polvili dieet can be the lightbringer and give up the French nukes first for example. All the power of Mankind must be concentrated to gain one goal-survival of Man and Earth.

In Estonia people take pure water in unaccounted quantities as something granted, this is the land of lakes and rivers which never suffered from thirst. Even here in prison the tap water is drinkable and there is no limit on using it. We can have shower three times per day we have three hours dailywhen the hot water kicks in The lack of drinking water is one of the greatest challenges mankind is facing already.

There are parts of Africa and asia where people die and suffer from thirst every day. In Europe and North America people wash their cars daily with the amount of water that could get fulfilled the need of water of whole African village.

Natural resources of water don't belong really to one or another country or nation, they belong to a planet Earth, what means they belong to every living being on Earth including plants and animals. A lot of people have this illusion of ownership over things that were never really theirs, natural resource is just one good example in long row of illusional belongings.

So let us all do something about it, let us all think and do something for tomorrow can die and suffer less people from thirst throughout the planet- I push the knob on the wall only when I really have to : Universe to bless! Still training six times per week and then have a rest on Sundays. I run three times per week 30 minutes to 1 hour during the walking hour every other day.

On remaining three days I do own bodyweight excercise - sometimes a HIIT serie of burpees or push ups, sometimes an animal walk or pull ups. I'm trying to do all the trainings outside because inside the lack of air is noticeable. It's really important to listen to own body. For example my fingers started to acke after doing push ups on fingers and I couldn't do so many repeats as before. So I did let my fingers to rest for a week and then tried again.

The result was exceedingly good.

Mida saab taldrõngaga kanda?

The point is that when the results suddenly drop or You feel really tired it's probably the time to give certain parts of the body rest or do something different especially if You feel pain somewhere Still do breathing exercises every morning first thing bold polvili dieet every late evening. Once or twice a week I'm doing Kundalini kryia with meditation after the run or bodyweight training, that relaxes the body. Read very interesting article on fat bold polvili dieet a 'Sport' magazine, Dr.

Lambat from Cenfido clinic explains about the balance of different fatswhy we need fats and what happens if the balance is off, also in which products which fats are. I found that my omega -3 level is low, started to take one soup spoon rapeseed oil in the morning and before lunch, and it works- my sleep and muscle recovery are better no matter that I've done it for a very short period of time.

Balanced nutrition is a way to phisycal and mental well being and it is achieved only with self exploration method. You have to acknowledge what You eatis it good for You and if it isn't, then change Your nutrition step by step until You feel satisfied with Your condition. Bravo, Mrs. Johnson, excellent job! She tells then about her methods and lifestyle to the reporter and says in the end of part of the interview that with the saved money she and her family have been in more than twenty countries, travelling and gathering experience.

The article says that the Telegraph has entitled the Johnsons family as "the greenest on earth" I'm truly sorry to saybut by travelling into more than 20 countries by airplane this is the travel method she uses by her own words with few member family Mrs. Johnson and the rest of the Johnson family has left an ecological footprint of T. I have absolutely no intensions of discrediting Mrs. Johnson- on the sellest mida puusaliigese valutab, I bow to her determination and inventiveness on the field of green lifestyle.

The Johnson family is just a sad example of what can go wrong on the tricky way to totally green lifestyle. By airtravelling into more than 20 countries the Johnsons ecological footprint is probably bigger I'm sure that it isbut I don't have a computer here for the exact calculations and this is why I'm writing probably than of the average U.

I'm certain that Mrs. Johnson just never had a good thought about her family travelling methods and that she will overview them and become truly 'the greenest family on earth' But enough about Mrs. Johnson let's leave her at peace and wish her all possible luck she can have and go on with the reasons I really started writing about her.

Few days ago I watched German documentary about the things advertised as green which really are not. The name of the film was the "Green lie" Germans show You on the screen how the electric cars are really not green because the electricity is produced from coal and how palmoil is not the green product at all, because massive rainforests are chopped down to establish the palm oil intustry.

About the electric cars I'm not so sure, valu sormega liigestes electricity is more and more produced from the sun, wind and bold polvili dieet energy and as the amount of 'green' produced electricity rises, so rises the quantity of electric cars, but all that needs calculations again for which I don't have possibility here.

The palmoil example hits the bullseye, no arguing about that. One of the great minds of the past the particular great mind will pardon me for not remembering his name said that "the cheapest thing on earth is an opinion" I can't agree more.

It is one thing to think something, to have an opinion and totally another to have a fact based knowledge. We all think that some things are this or thatgreen or not green, black or white, because heard it from somewhere and it became a fact in our minds.

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My sincere appologies to Mrs. Johnson for making example out of here : all the best Mrs. It's summer and hot for this countrytoday 27C in shadow and maximum humidity. We don't have in cells a window for letting the fresh air in despite the EU regulation Estonia says EU regulations are not obligatory, they are just recommendational.

So it's like a greenhouse when the doors are closed, I'm lucky to be alone so far, but those who sit in cell by two are in much worse condition. For not being too cheerful about loneliness: I have asthma : That kind of conditions do strange things to Your head, I ve been with the nose in the books, studying, studying and then studying some more to keep craziness out of mind: During the walk I'm either running or doing some exercise push ups, pull ups In the early morning hours when it's a bit cooler 6 in the morning I'll do some breathing eexercise and a Kundalini kriya with attached meditation lately Nabhi kriya In the morning opening hours have played some chess too.

Being here has made me an expert at least of my own body and mind: in both physical and mental health simply because no one else cares and ciproletid kui liigeste poletik You want to stay physically fit and sane in the head You just bold liigesed hucks to make healthy lifestyle mandatory, in the same time looking for all available information to obtain new ways of changing better.

Allegedly he has sexually harrassed some women who came to him with a request of opening energies and energy centres or chakras with the Indian term. Is Mr. Mang guilty or not, is not for me to decide, but the theme itself is serious. With the the open borders and possibilities of easy moving for people bold polvili dieet over the world loads of charlatans have moved from east to west bringing the Eastern arts of self improvement into west.

There are specialists of yogamasrshal arts, acupuncture and etc. What people don't know bold polvili dieet that most of these specialists are charlatans who doesn't have any clue about things they are talking about and there are very few truly competent teachers.

Mang got his accusations because allegedly he touched women between their les in a process of opening energy center or chakra : If that is true, then bold polvili dieet. Mang doesnt have any clue about energy centres on the body. Such centers exist indeed, but energy can be moved in the body with the hand of competent teacher without never actually touching the body, taking off the clothes is not necessary aswell.

Eastern practices deal both with body and mind, misusing and wrongly using of those practices have serious health risks and those risks are both physical and mental. If You open the energy centers of somebody without proper knowledge of what You are doingm the body of that person runs out of energy, it simply runs out. The person will soon feel anxiety, tiredness, frustration. Everyone wanting to practice one or another Eastern art of self improvement should be especially careful while selecting the teacher.

Those arts can lead to serious personal disasters if misused tought by idiots: but of course they contain a great power and knowledge for everyone who has a competent teacher. The big question is can humanity get rid of them and is it possible or even necessary? Here aggression is a part of everyday life, aggression is one of the emotions what keeping in cage will rise in You.

There are more of course-anxiety, numbness, claustrophobia and etc. Samal ajal tõmmake kõht sisse, pingutades seda. Vaimselt võite ette kujutada, et proovite naba abil selgroole jõuda. See ei ole nii keeruline, sest gravitatsioon aitab teid ka selles. Imetud asendis peate 15 sekundit vastu pidama, kuid kogu selle aja jooksul on raske mitte hingata, nii et tehke väikesi kergeid hingetõmbeid.

Tänavu sügisel peab juubelit Estraveli Kuldkaart, saades 20aastaseks ja pakkudes sel puhul nii oma 28 püsikliendile kui ka uutele liitujatele ägedaid boonuseid. Uuri rohkem: www. Estonia ammutab inspiratsiooni Eesti loodusest, rahvuslikest traditsioonidest, käsitööst ja kultuurist, sh koduõllest. Koduõllel on tänu humalasisaldusele palju häid ja tervislikke omadusi, nii et miks mitte kasutada seda ka spaas?

Harjutuse ajal on väga oluline keskenduda ja meeles pidada, et kõht oleks pinges. Parim on seda harjutust teha tühja kõhuga, see tähendab, et ideaalne aeg on hommik. Efektiivsem on, kui kordate seda päeva jooksul uuesti, kui kõht on tühi. Kui tunned, et harjutus on sinu jaoks lihtsam, siis pikenda aega. Vaakum põlvedel Kui olete jõudnud sellisele tasemele, et teile antakse 5 minuti jooksul järjest järjest 5 komplekti ja soovite oma ülesannet keerulisemaks muuta, muutes seeläbi harjutuse efektiivsemaks, saate üle minna põlvede vaakumisse.

Ja see on keerulisem tänu sellele, et siin ei aita raskusjõud sind nagu pikali olles, vaid vastupidi, bold polvili dieet. Harjutuse sooritamiseks peate põlvili ja toetama peopesad põrandale. Veenduge, et teie käed oleksid sirged.

Põlved peaksid moodustama täisnurga ning õlad, küünarnukid ja peopesad peaksid olema ühel joonel. Seda seisukohta peetakse õigeks. Hinga sisse nii sügavalt kui võimalik ja joonista kõhtu. Sel ajal langetage pea veidi alla ja painutage selga.

Selle valiku abil saate sihitud tüdrukutele, kes lähevad mitteametlikule sündmusele. Turvoldid ja kampsunid Kombineerides turpüksteid ja õhukesi kudumiskindlate kampsunidega, on tüllide mudelid suurepärased. Eriti tõhusad on mustvalgete ja valgete kontrastsed kombinatsioonid. Üheosaline disain on veel üks stiilne variant. Näiteks, suure kudru kampsun ja sõidava halli seelik varjavad tekstuuride ja tähtkuju sügavusega.

Eriti õrn ja sensuaalne välimus on ühevärviline piparmündi välimus. Muud värvid on võimalikud. Midi pikkuse seelikku saab ka kanda sobiva jope. Kui kleit koodi lubab, võib kanda ka kontoris rahuliku värvi mitte liiga mahukat mudelit koos range joodiga. Lendav seelik lisab feminiseerivuse kindlale äritegevusele ja muudab teid kontoritööks. Jakid Nahk-seelik-tüpi seelik on luksuslik lahendus.

Kombineeritud delikaatseid naiselikke garderoobielemente, mis on jämedad ja jämedad, on endiselt trendikas. Teine stiilne variant on denimkübar. Mis kingi kandma Kingade valik sõltub isiklikust bold polvili dieet ja stiili. Graveeritud sandaalid ja stiletid lisavad teie välimusele prantsuse võlu ja rafineeritust. Mugavates balletites sobivad jalutuskäigud. Valik julgeid fashionistaseid, kes järgivad viimaseid trende - tossud.

Valige lumevalge või heleda spordijalatsiga rahulik värvitud tülli seelik ja te ei jäta märkamata. Isegi giidi abita, tavalise rendiautoga ringi vurades õnnestub näha väga paljusid liike. Parki sisenedes saab alati kaasa juhtnöörid, mismoodi toimida, kui mõni loom hoopis teie autot lähemalt uurima tuleb — asi on naljast kaugel, kui elevant end vastu Renault Cliot sügama hakkab. Osakas oleks lihtsalt kindluse külastamisest väheks jäänud, aga giidituur muutis selle käigu elamuseks.

Esiteks väärib vaatamist muidugi ehitusstiil, mis on detailideni läbi mõeldud, ning teiseks kindlusesse viiv tee, mille puhul on samuti kõik viimseni kalkuleeritud. See on kitsas, looklev ja mitme väravaga, et takistada vaenlast otse lossi peale jooksmast, ning piisavalt keeruline, et segaduses olevat sissetungijat samal ajal müüridelt ja kindlusest tagasi tõrjuda.

Kindluse teeb omapäraseks kaks pikka ühes tükis kandetala, mis jooksevad maapinnast kuni laeni, ja nende peale ehitatud raamistik, mis on piisavalt elastne, et kannatada maavärinaid. Lisaks ei tarvitanud jaapanlased puitehitiste puhul eriti naelu, seega on sellegi kindluse puhul kasutatud puitliiteid, mis näitab veel kord Jaapani rahva täpsust ja osavust. Loomulikult on kindluses rohkelt salaruume, et vajadusel vaenlasele üllatusrünnakut teha.

Aastavahetuse kruiis Kariibidel Silver Spirit´i pardal Aadria mere kruiis täiesti uue Silver Muse pardal Hind alates eurost reisija kaheses sviidis 17 ööd Hind alates eurost reisija kaheses sviidis 12 ööd Aasia all inclusive kruiis Silver Shadow pardal Kariibi mere ja Amazonase jõe kruiis Silver Spirit´i pardal Hind alates eurost reisija kaheses sviidis 11 ööd Hind alates eurost reisija kaheses sviidis 17 ööd Estravel on Silversea ametlik esindaja Eestis. Võitis linn, kus me kõik juba käinud oleme, aga mis on Veel aasta tagasi oleks seda linna võinud kirjeldada ka kui üht suurt ehitusplatsi.

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Selleks sügiseks saab kõik valmis Eesti Rahva Muuseum paar kuud enne pidulikku avamist. Hostel Hektor. Ja muidugi ka 1. KGB kongide muuseum ja Tartu ülikooli kartser hoone ise, mille eest arhitektid Harjumuspärastele muuseumidele pakuvad Tartus põnevat kevadel mainekal AFEXi arhi- vaheldust kaks kunagist kinnipidamisasutust, kus algupärane tektuurivõistlusel peaauhinna ruumikujundus viib külastajad kaugetesse aegadesse Eesti võitsid.

Muuseum üllatab vaa- minevikus. KGB kongide muuseumi ekspositsioonid annavad tajaid ainulaadse arhitektuuri­ aimu kommunistliku režiimi kuritegudest sõjajärgses Eestis.

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  • Vaatamata moesuundumuste muutumisele ei kaota kohev tülli seelikud oma populaarsust.

Ülikooli pööningul asuv kartser seevastu tama! Kahtlemata jälgivad kõik pajatab patuste bold polvili dieet ajalugu. Lodjasõidud Emajõel ERM suudab lüüa Eesti popu- Emajõe Lodjaselts pakub laevasõidu-armastajatele võimalusi laarseima siseruumides asuva at- saada osa iganädalastest purje- ja loodusretkedest. Lisaks looraktsiooni, Tartu Ahhaa keskuse dusekesksetele väljasõitudele korraldatakse Emajõel meele­ külastajanumbri, mis oli möödu- lahutuslikumaid lodisõite, millega sisustada toredaid perekondnud aastal pisut bold polvili dieet ini- likke koosviibimisi — näiteks pannkoogiretkedel kuuleb maitsvate mese ning on see aasta kulgemas pannkookide saatel lodjamadruste seiklusjutte maalt ja jõelt.

Põllumajandusmuuseumi ja trükimuuseumi töötoad uue rekordi kursil. Kõik suured näitused võta- Kui Tartut on väisamas mõni tehnikahuviline, tasub tal kindlasti vad aega ja väsitavad jalgu, nii külastada põllumajandusmuuseumit, kus saab harjutada mooet selles valguses on tõesti tore, et tori kokkupanemist. Trükimuuseum ootab aga oma töötuppa peale muuseumibuumi on Tar- kõiki, kes soovivad teha lähemat tutvust iidsete trükitehnikatetut tabanud ka hotellibuum.

Ly- ga. Mõlemad töötoad suudavad kindlasti huvi äratada ka neis, dia Koidula ja Johann Voldemar kes pole end kummalgi alal veel proovile pannud. Luksuslikku mugavust taotlevate tubade ja Tallinna hipsterikohvikutega harjunutele mõningast hämmingut tekitava hinnakirjaga restorani kõrval on olemas ka sume ja soe spaa, mis on loodud vaikseteks vestlusteks, muusika kuulamiseks ja puhkuseks kamina ees.

Kolm sauna ja puhkeala, kus ootavad lamamistoolid, pehmed rätikud, kurgivesi ja kaminatuli, panevad aja peatuma. Mitte et see Tartus ka muidu just edasi tormaks. Lapsed võivad Lydias küll endal igavusest lõualuud valusaks haigutada, sest neid vaimustab hoopis rohkem mõte novembris avatavast spaahotellist V. Selle saunamaailmas on 11 erineva niiskustaseme ja temperatuuriga sauna, soolamaailmas soola­ bassein ja soolasaunad ning lõõgastusmaailmas valgusteraapia- ja karavanituba. Loomulikult ei puudu ka mullivannid, Jaapani bassein, laste basseinid ja atraktsioonid ning massaažijugadega lõõgastusbassein.

Ehkki juba kõik eelmainitu hakkab silme eest kirjuks võtma, on tegelikult enim tähelepanu saanud värvikas hostel Hektor interjööri autor on Jan Skolimowski KAMP Arhitektidestmillele omistas silmapaistvate hostelite portaal Hostelgeeks sel nädalal viis tärni.

Hektor Design Hostelis on peale majutuse olemas ka kohvik, raamatu­ kogu, jõusaal ja joogaruum! Lisainfo: roosta roosta. Meri on pikalt soe ega lase sügisel halliks minna. Naissaarel on sügis palju pikem kui mandril.

Kihiline ja kihvt

Tallinnast pääseb saarele ka tormisemate ilmadega, sest sadam võtab vastu suurema süvisega aluseid, mis võivad kohale sõita kasvõi jõulude ajal. Sügisel on tähtis, et vee peal vähem loksutaks ja oota­ matult kerkinud torm saarele vangi ei jätaks. Näiteks aurik Katharina sobib mere­ reisiks ka karmide ilmade korral. Saarel saab valida keskmise, põhja- ja lõunaraja vahel. Tegelikult võiks kohe alguses ära otsustada, kas minna põhja või lõunasse. Keskmine rada on kompromiss edasijõudnutele või neile, kel tõesti aega napib.

Lõunarada Alustuseks on bold polvili dieet parim ja huvitavaim, sest seal on rohkelt vaatamisväärsusi. Sadamast alates on enamik teid tähistatud korralike sinivalgete märkidega. Suurem tee viib läbi Männiku küla, kus asub Naissaare muuseum ning kohtab ka paari püsielanikku.

Matkarada ise kulgeb küla kõrval idüllilisel kaldapealsel, kust avanevad vaated nii sadamale kui ka Tallinna kilukarbisiluetile. Saare lõunatipus on väike Leedu Nida — suured mereäärsed liivaluited, mis ulatuvad kõrgele nagu mäed. Kui nüüd saare sisemusse pöörata, viib tee luidetelt otse Naissaare puhkekeskusesse, kus vajadusel saab ka ööbida.

Keldri kõrval podiseb diiselgeneraator, sest tsivilisatsiooni põhihüve — elektrit — siin ei ole. Edasi viib lõunarada Sepa tallu Omari küüni juurde, kus veedab oma suvesid Tõnu Kaljuste.

Omari küünis toimuvad etendused ja kontserdid, ilusa ilmaga mahuvad küüni taha lavale isegi koorid. Kuigi küüni juurest saab otse metsateed pidi saare keskel asuvate miiniladudeni, tuleks enne põigata paarsada meetrit lääne pool paikneva Maarja kiriku juurde.

Pühakojast veel sadakonna meetri kaugusel on surnuaed, mille puust väravakaar on üks Naissaare sümboleid. Miinilaod on teine Naissaare sümbol. Okastraataiad on alles, püsti on ka miini­ tehase müürid ja katus peab.

Tehase eest leiab maa külge aheldatuna isegi üksiku miini. Laod on aga tühjad — vaid tagumistes leidub veel midagi — ning metall ära veetud.